Friday, August 3, 2007

Elgin Community Network Starts

With resources from TAN and EISD, the two plan to share resources and work together in reducing RF noice and assistin providing a possible node for the mobilemesh clients in and arounf the area. The service now would extend onto 290 allowing mobile clients wireless and possible VOIP services while line of site is achieved.

Current picked name was the Elgin Comminuty Network (ECN).

The groups goals at this time is to start the development and reuse any gear left from Wifi build outs and reuse product and donate hardware/labor to the project. The gear hardware switches and labor had really made a very nice service area with next to the highway where laptops can surf the network now for only $29.95 per month, where network is expanded.

Portion of the proceeds go back into the hardware to continue to the build. The tower asset is temporary and is a great help to the company, residents and businesses in Elgin. Thanks EISD for saving the day !!

Voip technology sharing & QOS is our next phases. We want to work on the QOS portion of wireless with wifi/mesh and work on wifi based phones using an asterisk PBX making local and international call at a fraction if thier current development cost. We will add in interchange via fiber and work with EISD to develope the cities first community based network.

If Intersted email ted at totalaccess dot net

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